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Evidence of Design
Investigate the causes and critique the effects of economic inequality.
Evidence of Design is a live call-in talk show about the political economy, namely the the relationship between our political choices and economic outcomes. This show investigates and critiques the political-economic ideology of neoliberalism, or the belief that a free-market, small government, privatization, and financialization are the best ways to run society. Generally lacking in public discourse is appropriate attention given to vastly unequal distributions of income and wealth. This show attempts to bring the inequalities produced by neoliberalism to the forefront. Join us in deliberation as we attempt to create the vocabulary necessary to understand how our world works, and as we endeavor to become active agents of change for a more just and equitable society.

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Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor is a Rochester, NY native passionate about education, politics, and social justice. Holding a bachelor’s degree in international studies and a master’s degree in teaching and curriculum, Jason is interested in how we come to understand, construct, and participate in our political and economic systems. A staunch believer in democracy and shared decision making, Jason believes that the means through which we make decisions are as important as the ends. In his nonexistent free time, Jason likes to play video games and lift weights.