Episode 123

Episode 123: Georgia Senate Runoff Elections

Published on: 14th December, 2020

We cover the Georgia Senate runoff elections of Jon Ossoff (D) v. incumbent David Purdue (R) and Raphael Warnock (D) v. incumbent Kelly Loeffler (R).

The incumbent Republicans are two of the most conservative in the country. Both have refused to acknowledge that Trump lost the presidential election, thereby refusing the acknowledge their own constituents' votes. Both have refused to work on passing another round of federal support for the millions of people and thousands of governments and businesses struggling during the pandemic. Both dumped stock for millions of dollars at the start of the year, after learning in closed door sessions how much the pandemic would influence society, before the American public was made aware.

In short, Purdue and Loeffler are not allies of American democracy or civil society.

We use this content to analyze how Democratic challengers Ossoff and Warnock lay out their vision. We argue Democrats are best when they boldly go after progressive economic policies (e.g. health care as a human right, big government that supports people). While there were moments when both Ossoff and Warnock went there, oftentimes Democratic rhetoric is playing defensive against Republican narratives. Democrats should stop playing defensive when Republicans habitually and anti-democratically lie about them. Democrats should show voters why their vision for society is better than the one Republicans claim to provide.

This vision MUST take into account material needs, not just supposed moral superiority.

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